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Cassia Introduction

Cassia(Cassia Tora), also known as Senna tora (Cassia obtusifolia), sicklepod, sickle senna, or foetid cassia, is a plant species that belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is native to many parts of Asia, including India, and is known for its various uses in traditional medicine, industry, and agriculture.

Cassia tora is a wild crop that grows as a weed in various parts of India. It thrives in hot, wet, tropical climates, and it can be found both in the wild and cultivated commercially.

Cassia tora contains various chemical constituents, including cinnamaldehyde (which is responsible for its spicy aroma and taste), gum, tannins, mannitol, coumarins, and essential oils (such as aldehydes, eugenol, and pinene). Additionally, it contains sugars, resins, and mucilage, among other components.

Certainly, Cassia tora, emphasizing its industrial applications as a source of cassia gum, its traditional medicinal uses, and the chemical constituents that contribute to its flavor and potential therapeutic properties.

Here are some of the primary forms of cassia: