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Microfine Guar Meal

Guar meal is a byproduct of guar seeds that's made up of the germ and hull fractions left after guar gum is extracted. It contains 35–50% crude protein, 75–80% TDN, and is rich in amino acids and trace minerals.

Dry milling of guar seeds separates the endosperm, containing the gum, and leaves a high-protein meal, used as a protein source in livestock feeding.

The Guar Meal is processed by steaming and dry heating, which tends to remove some of the beans odor and gum residue, including the adhesive characteristic of the raw meal.

Microfine Guar Meal is produced with the best high quality guar germ with high protein for animal and poultry feed. This by-product is obtained during the guar split manufacturing process, from germ and husk.

Due to an improved technology, our Microfine Guar Meal contains up to 56-60% of protein. Microfine Guar Meal is palatable and highly digestible protein source it is the ideal solution for the diet of young animals. Furthermore, it is a highly concentrated protein source for aquaculture, ideal to replace a part of animal proteins.

  • Specifications

    Parameters Value
    Protein 56.0 ± 3%
    Fat 8.0±2 %
    Fibre 4.0±2 %
    Fat 5.0±2 %
    Moisture 3.0 ± 2%
  • Benefits

    • Excellent protein source.
    • Higher percentage of Crude Protein.
    • Higher Digestibility Percent (>98%).
    • Higher Energy content and fat percentage.
    • 100% GMO Free Product.
  • Applications

    Microfine Guar Meal, which consists of guar protein and carbohydrate, has several applications as well. Here are some common applications of guar meal:

    • Cattle Feed:Microfine Guar Meal is often used as a high-protein supplement in cattle feed. It provides essential nutrients, including protein, energy, and fiber, making it a popular choice in livestock and dairy farming.
    • Poultry Feed:Microfine Guar Meal can be included in poultry feed formulations to enhance the protein content. It serves as a cost-effective and nutritious ingredient in poultry diets.
    • Aquaculture Feed:In aquaculture, Microfine Guar Meal is used in fish and shrimp feeds to provide a source of protein. It can contribute to the overall nutritional profile of the feed.
    • Pet Food: Microfine Guar Meal can be incorporated into pet food formulations to add protein and fiber. It is used in various pet food products, including those for dogs and cats.
    • Agricultural Applications: Microfine Guar Meal can be used as a soil conditioner and organic fertilizer. It improves soil structure and fertility, promoting better crop growth.
    • Biogas Production: Microfine Guar Meal can be utilized in the production of biogas. It serves as a substrate for anaerobic digestion, contributing to the generation of renewable energy.
    • Industrial Applications: Microfine Guar Meal has potential applications in various industrial processes. Its protein and carbohydrate content make it suitable for use in manufacturing processes where such components are needed.
    • Bio-Based Polymers : The carbohydrates present in Microfine guar Meal can be used in the production of bio-based polymers, contributing to the development of sustainable materials.
  • Packing & Storage :

    Packaging :200 gm / 500 gm / 15 kg / 20 kg / 50 kg. Bulk order are also available as per client's requirement.

    Shelf Life :24 months after manufacturing.

    Storage : In covered finished good shed, in dry atmosphere.