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Guar Gum Food Grade

Guar gum food grade is a specific type of guar gum that is produced and processed to meet the strict quality and safety standards required for use in the food industry. It is a natural food additive derived from the seeds of the guar plant (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) and is known for its ability to thicken, stabilize, and improve the texture of food products.

Food products containing guar gum typically list it on their ingredient labels as "guar gum" or by its European food additive code, "E412."

Guar gum food grade is the highest quality of guar gum intended for food applications. It typically appears as a fine, white to off-white powder with a neutral taste and odor. It should be free from any foreign matter, contaminants, or off-flavors.

Guar gum food grade is highly soluble in both cold and hot water, making it suitable for a wide range of food applications.

Guar Gum is relatively cost effective as compared to other thickeners and stabilizers along with it being an effective binder, plasticizer and emulsifier.

Food Grade Guar Gum is used as a thickener and stabilizer in various food products such as sauces, dressings, ice cream, yogurt, and gluten-free baked goods. It helps improve the texture and viscosity of these products.

  • Specifications

    Parameters Value
    Moisture Content 12% Max.
    pH 6.5 - 7.2
    Particle Size (200 Mesh) 99% Min. passing
    Viscocity (2 Hrs.) 3500 - 7500 Cps
    Viscocity (24 Hrs.) 3500 - 7500 Cps
    Ash Content 2% Max.
    Acid Insoluble Matter 1.5% Max.
    Starch Absent
    TPC 1000 cfu/g Max.
    Yeast & Mould 200 cfu/g Max.
    E Coli Negative in 5 gms.
    Salmonella Negative in 25 gms.
    Protein 7% Max.
    Fibre 1% Max.
    PCP 0.01 mg/Kg Max.
    Heavy Metals 20 mg/Kg
    Lead 2 mg/Kg
    Arsenic 3 mg/Kg
    Mercury 1 mg/Kg
    Cadmium 1 mg/Kg
  • Application & Uses :

    Guar gum food grade is a versatile food additive with a wide range of uses in the food industry. Below are the uses of guar gum food grade listed below:

    Bakery Products: Guar gum is used in bakery items such as bread, cakes, and pastries to improve dough handling, increase dough yield, and enhance the quality of gluten-free baked goods. It helps retain moisture and extend the shelf life of baked products.

    Sauces and Dressings: It is added to sauces and dressings to improve their texture, prevent phase separation, and provide a creamy, uniform consistency. Guar gum enhances the stability of emulsions, making it ideal for salad dressings, gravies, and condiments.

    Dairy Products: Guar gum is used in dairy products like ice cream, yogurt, and cheese to improve their creaminess, mouthfeel, and resistance to ice crystal formation. In ice cream, it acts as a stabilizer and helps prevent the formation of ice crystals, resulting in a smoother product.

    Canned Soups and Gravies: Guar gum is added to canned soups and gravies to provide a consistent and thickened texture. It ensures that these products have the desired viscosity and do not separate during storage or heating.

    Frozen Foods: In frozen foods such as frozen desserts and ready-to-eat meals, guar gum aids in maintaining the product's texture and preventing ice crystal formation. It also improves freeze-thaw stability.

    Gluten-Free Products: Guar gum is a crucial ingredient in gluten-free products such as bread, pasta, and baked goods. It helps mimic the texture and structure of gluten, making these products more palatable for individuals with gluten sensitivities.

    Beverages: In beverages, guar gum can be used to enhance the mouthfeel, texture, and stability of products such as fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks, and protein shakes. It acts as a thickening agent, improving the overall sensory experience.

    Meat and Meat Alternatives: Guar gum can be added to meat products like sausages, meat analogs, and canned meat to enhance texture, moisture retention, and binding properties.

    Pet Food: Guar gum is sometimes used in pet food products, especially in wet pet foods, to improve texture, stability, and binding of ingredients.

    Glazes and Icings: It is used in glazes and icings to provide a glossy appearance and improve their consistency for applications on baked goods.

    Egg Replacer: Guar gum can serve as an egg replacer in vegan and egg-free recipes, providing binding and moisture retention properties.

    Salad Gel and Food Films: Guar gum can be used to create edible salad gels and food films for various culinary applications, including molecular gastronomy and food presentation.

  • Packing & Storage :

    Packing : 25 Kg, Paper Laminated HDEP Bags, with PP Liner, 900 Kg Big Bags.

    Shelf Life : 2 years after manufacturing date, Under recommended conditions.

    Storage : Cold and Dry conditions, Sealed Packaging, at 15° - 28° c, Max 65% RH.