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CSR & Sustainability

"CSR isn't a particular programme, it's what we do every day, maximizing positive impact and minimizing negative impact."

Mahesh Agro Food Industries is a leading Food and Feed Ingredient manufacturer and exporter in India with a portfolio that includes a wide range of Hydrocolloids, Feed Ingredients, Spices, Herbs and other Agro Products. With its presence in more than 75 countries, Mahesh Agro Food Industries is a responsible corporate citizen.

Guided by the philosophy of inclusive community development, meaningful social engagement has been at the heart of the corporate social responsibility efforts. Pan India presence (five manufacturing locations and one corporate location) helps in engaging with diverse social groups and maximizing social welfare footprint by deploying Common Minimum Programmes across these locations. The thrust areas of these programmes are – Health, Education and Socio-Religious activities.

As a socially conscious corporate, Mahesh Agro Food Industries has contributed significantly towards community development in and around its operational area since inception. Our approach to social development is to ensure growth, focusing especially on the most underprivileged sections of the society. With this in mind, it has attempted to bring old, backward villages into the mainstream, providing the communities with education, health, self-employment, the skills and strengths to make the most of the opportunities offered by modern India.

The ensuing social development activities have led to the promotion of higher education, health awareness, self-employment and environment, construction of schools, and socially benefiting thousands of people living in the area.

COVID-19 Vaccination Camp

Working-class inside Mahesh Agro Food Industries, Guar Gum Unit of Laghu Udyog Bharati District President Shravan Kumar Maheshwari (President Mahesh Agro Group) under Rico Industrial Area of Barmer under the National Vaccination Program to prevent the global pandemic COVID-19 pandemic. A special vaccination camp was organized for this. With the special efforts of Laghu Udyog Bharti District President Shravan Kumar Maheshwari, this camp was organized on 25 June 2021.

Donation for Shri Ram Mandir

Parhit bus whose mind is right.
There is nothing rare in the world.

In whose mind there is always a desire to do the benefit of others. Or for those who are always engaged in helping others, nothing is rare in the whole world.

Shri Shravan Kumar Maheshwari, President of Maheshwari Parivar (Mahesh Agro Group) for the construction of a grand temple of Lord Shri Ram, inhabited by the soul of India Shri Kailash Chaudhary, Honorable Minister of State, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

Temple Construction

Vidyam dadati vinayam vinayad yati eligibilityam.
Eritavat Dhanmapnoti Dhanat Dharmam Tath Sukham.

Meaning: Knowledge gives humility, humility brings merit and merit brings wealth, through which a person does the work of righteousness and remains happy.

Taking inspiration from this verse, the work of construction of the temple was started by Shri Shravan Kumar Maheshwari, President of Mahesh Agro Group in Barmer, Rajasthan with Bhumi Pujan. The construction, operation and maintenance of the temple is entirely of Mahesh Agro Group.

Cattle Shelter

Cow in India is considered to be a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered. In the Vedas, the oldest of the Hindu scriptures, the cow is associated with Aditi, the mother of all the gods.

Keeping this in mind we have started construction of a large cattle shelter in the Barmer, Rajastan in collaboration with a group of people where the stray cattle are kept and feed. Their we are also manufacturing facility for medical treatment for cattle. This will not only fulfill our religious obligations but also provide a humble home to stray cattle.

Free Medicines

As Father of our Nation “Mahatma Gandhi” once said,
“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

We believe in the same philosophy and we are giving free treatment medications to the deprived social elements we are giving them more than the wealth.

We have also collaborated with Local Homeopathic hospital in Barmer and pledged to donated under “Shree Shrawan Kumar Dungermal Maheshwari (MAFI Group Trust)” the money equivalent to every year of medications.

Collective Social Activities

To fulfill the social needs Mahesh Agro Food Industries collaborate with other NGO’s and social groups and enhance the capacity of welfare.

  • Working under this scheme Mahesh Agro Food Industries is collaborated with Lions Club, Barmer to organize a Medical chequp and treatment camp at Barmer on 17th November 2013.
  • Our Chairman also serves as the Head of the social group that is involved the Agro commodity business in Barmer location.

Social-Religious Activities

Physical wellbeing serves the body but what about the mind and soul? The answer of this question is the socioreligious practices that fulfill the need of soul and mind.

For social welfare MAFI Group not only organizes the activities that serves the human body but also serves the souls and minds of the peoples. These activities include the religious gathering, epic reading ceremonies. One of these activities was conducted this year at Barmer location.

Girl Education

Education is the key for social upliftment specially girl’s education is critical in Indian society. As per the census of India average literacy rate in India is 58.6% for females. These conditions motivate us to work for the education of girls.

Under the Sharavn Kumar Dungarmal Ramchandani Trust (run by Mahesh Agro Food Industries) we have made and donated a Sr. Secondary School for girls inaugurated at 23rd April 2017 at Barmer Location.

Collective Wedding

At MAFI Group we feel Marriage as the seed for the society. Manufacturing Unit at Raipur location is continuously involved in the mass marriage ceremonies. These ceremonies are conducted in various places in India and our organization is involved to :

  • Fulfill the obligation of the matrimonial expenses that might not be covered by poor families.
  • Select the eligible brides and grooms considering the legal age and conditon of the persons.
  • Conduct the cermony with the involvement of the prominanat members of the society.

Our company has involved in these activities science 2018 and participate every year.